Результаты «Клавис Санкт-Петербург 2020»

Категория: Video recordings „Clavis Saint Petersburg 2020“ Автор: Piano Festival Clavis

Dear participants!

We sincerely congratulate to your results!

We enjoyed your piano art into the night until the last moment of today!

It was not easy to be a judge, but the members of jury have been able to make the right decision. In addition to the ranking prizes, which we will publish in July after the second competition.

We thank all teachers whose work is behind every piece. Each teacher receives a “Diploma Teacher” for this achievement. We also thank the parents who support their children at all times!

We wish everyone a good time and we hope, we will see each other in July online again!

Don’t forget, even despite differences in the results, YOU ARE ALL GREAT ARTISTS!



We invite everyone to a baroque concert online on June 4th.

Sofia Gandilyan plays for you preludes and fugues by J.S. Bach on harpsichord.

Livestream takes place at 7 pm: J.S. Bach, "Das Wohltemperierte Clavier“ Sofya Gandilyan, Cembalo 


Results Clavis Saint Petersburg 2020, document in pdf format

The international piano competition „Clavis“ 2020 (The greeting of jury)

Видеозаписи «Клавис Санкт-Петербург 2020»

Категория: Video recordings „Clavis Saint Petersburg 2020“ Автор: Piano Festival Clavis

Riedinger Viktoria, 7 , Germany, Group Q

Daniel Stangl , 12 , Germany, Group B

Nikolai Mukhametov, 14 , Russia, Group B

Margarita Reshetova, 6 , Russia, Group Q

Jonas Rüde, 11, Germany, Group A

Nina Patricia Purtov, 13, Germany, Group B

Claudia Peter, 17, Germany, Group C

 Anfisa Dangl , 10, Austria , Group A

 Maria Archakova, 13, Russia, Group B

 Veronika Tijieva, 14, Russia, Group B

 Maria Varakina, 11, Russia, Group A

Anastasia Antonova , 12, Russia, Group B

Drozdova Agnia , 7, Russia, Group Q

Laura Palomino, 12, Spain, Group B

Anna Solodkaia, 7, Russia, Group Q

Kachkin Ivan, 15, Russia, Group C

Marsollek Maddox, 6, Germany, Group Q

Makarov Ilia, 8, Russia, Group Q

Deshevaia Aleksandra, 7, Russia, Group Q

Категория: Video recordings „Clavis Saint Petersburg 2020“ Автор: Piano Festival Clavis

Glowacki Saya, 8 , Germany, Group Q

Leonie LIN , 8 , China, Group Q

Nguyen Minh Khang, 8 , Germany, Group Q

Onalbek Alisha Kuatbekkyzy, 11 , Republic of Kazakhstan, Group A

Mishin Ivan, 11, Russia, Group A

Arseniy Vdovichenko , 11, Ukraine, Group A

Dzabborova Kamilla, 9, Russia, Group A

 Gabbazov Michail , 10, Russia , Group A

Paimulkina Natalia, 11, Russia, Group A

 Burovnikov Nikolai, 10, Russia, Group A

 Matveeva Arina, 14, Russia, Group A

Gushin Andrey, 12, Israel , Group B

Latysheva Evelina, 13, Russia, Group B

Matvienko Timofei , 9, Russia, Group A

Savitskaya Anastasia, 14, Belarus, Group B

Maria Grabar, 13, Russia, Group B

Guseva Uliana, 17, Germany, Group C

Petrov Vitaly, 17, Russia, Group C

Kravtcova Daria, 17, Russia, Group C

Kristina Semaschko, 15, Belarus, Group C

Категория: Video recordings „Clavis Saint Petersburg 2020“ Автор: Piano Festival Clavis

Viktor Nikolaev, 26, Russia, Group D

Huber Philipp , 16, Germany, Group C

Yarkin Timofei, 10, Russia, Group A

Natalchenko Aleksei, 5, Ukraine, Group Q

Lum Wei Xuan, 6, Malaisiya, Group Q

Alampiyeva Uladzislava, 8, Belarus, Group Q

Lisanov Ivan, 11, Russia, Group A

 Lisanov Sergei, 9, Russia , Group A

Yudi Ouyang, 28, China, Group D

 Helena Stengl, 11, Croatia , Group A

 Nicole Rudi, 24, Germany, Group D

Kovalev Aleksandr, 16, Russia, Group C

Treimo-Suchomlinov Aleksandr, 7, Russia, Group Q

Nadezhda Natalchenko, 8, Ukraine, Group Q

 Eishin Richard Hiraishi, 12, Japan, Group B

Belousova Lidia, 28, Russia, Group D

Darius Emanuel Mot, 11, Romania, Group A

Nikitina Elena, 17, Russia, Group C

Ioniță Emanuela, 17, Romania, Group C

Cușnir Iulia, 19, Moldovia, Group D

Celina Höferlin, 10, Germany, Group A

Popova Zoya, 11, Russia, Group A

Shane Zhao, 6, USA, Group Q

Kulikov Maksim, 14, Russia, Group B

Manifasova Victoria, 15, C


Batchu, Abhiram Reddy, 13, USA, Group B

Ava Zou, 11, USA, Group A

Inga Liersch, 11, Germany, Group A

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