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International Music Festival 2017 "Clavis"

Bavaria is considered the most beautiful federal state in Germany. The mountains of Bavaria inspired many great artists such as Richard Wagner, Carl Orf, Richard Strauss, Thomas Mann, Franz Marc, Albrecht Dürer, Ludwig Thoma; even the last Pope, Benedictus the 16th, was from Bavaria. The close border with Austria and Italy puts Bavaria very close to world cultural history.

Reichersbeuern is the home of the music school "Napamarum". This is a smallish town with about 3,500 inhabitants, but with a train connection to Munich, its own football, ice hockey, fencing and riding clubs. Reichersbeuern is not culturally poor: the male voice choir Liedertafel, the theater and drama group and the traditional costume associations which populate the cultural landscape.

Church music is represented by the church choir and orchestra. Reichersbeuern has its own 1000-year-old castle where the majority of the festival "Clavis" will take place.

Schloss Reichersbeuern is the Max Rill private secondary school. The castle is owned by the noble family von Sigritz.

Max Rill Gymnasium in Reichersbeuern / International Music Festival 2017 "Clavis"

The school is situated on spacious terrain in countryside at the edge of Reichersbeuern. The Gymnasium increasingly attracts young people from abroad, who spend their lives here at the boarding school and prepare for university entrance qualification. With over 20 nationalities and cultures represented by our students (e.g. Brazil, China, Denmark, England, France, Italy, Croatia, Morocco, Nepal, Poland, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine), common intercultural learning is self-evident.
The Max Rill School is one of the smallest secondary and boarding schools in Bavaria and in Germany. It has very generously opened its doors for the festival, as the school also has musical and aesthetic departments. In addition to one large and several smaller concert halls, the school has practice and warm-up rooms with grand pianos from Bösendorfer, Blüther and other German high-quality instruments. In the building you can still feel the spirit of 1000 years of history. Participants, passive and active will surely be musically inspired and enjoy the landscapes!

The beginning of the festival, master classes and some seminars, as well as the first round of the piano competition, will take place in these old walls. Age group D, the gala concert and award ceremony will take place in another old castle Hohenburg in Lenggries on Sunday, April 2nd. We are looking forward to abundant registrations and believe that this weekend will for all, whether passive or active participant, be a great experience!

Max Rill Gymnasium in Reichersbeuern / International Music Festival 2017 "Clavis"


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