Seminar 1:

Written by Piano Festival Clavis

Seminar 1. Topic: A practical analysis of piano texture’s development from the 18th to the 20th century in relation to changes in piano building.

with Ekaterina Polyakova

1) Definition of texture in arts.

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Seminar 2: "Old music and its effect on the history of music"

Written by Piano Festival Clavis

Seminar 2 (Clavis Bavaria 2018)  - Sofia Khorobrykh


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Seminar 3: Alexander Technique (AT)

Written by Piano Festival Clavis

Seminar 3 with Elisabeth von Hoesslin

is a psycho-physical educational method that helps to release unnecessary muscle tension and re-educates non-beneficial movement patterns.The AT teaches constructive conscious control of functioning.
Actors, singers, musicians and dancers use the AT to relieve performance anxiety while improving concentration and stage presence.

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