Our Partners & Special Prices

 Max-Rill-Castle/Munich South (Reichersbeuern): Visit to the castle Reichersbeuern (overnight stay and meals included) with a solo-concert in the Preysing Hall of the castle

Fabio Mastrangelo Foundation/St. Petersburg: Solo-performance accompanied by Fabio Mastrangelo’s „Saint Petersburg Northern Sinfonia Orchestra“

Elena Cobb Star Prize/London: Best interpretation of a modern English composer’s work (list on website) - concert-performance in the Elgar Room of the Royal Albert Hall

Library in the castle Bogolyubov/Moscow: Concert-performance

Sergei Stadler/St. Petersburg: Solo-performance with the State Symphony Orchestra of St. Petersburg

Petersburg Concert/St. Petersburg: Concert-performance

Steinway Piano Gallery/St. Petersburg: Concert-performance, special prize for the best interpretation of a romantic piece

Union of concert performers/St. Petersburg: Special prize Shine for the best overall artistic performance and interpretation

Feurich competition/Vienna: Invitation to participate in the competition

Union of St. Peterburg composers/St. Petersburg: Best interpretation of a work by a modern composer from St. Petersburg (list on website)

Klavier Salon/Munich: Professional recording of a concert-performance (video, sound and livestream)

Piano Auer/Munich South (Miesbach): Special prize for the best interpretation of a baroque piece

Hope of the future/Füssen: Special recognition of outstanding talents in the age groups Q and A

Costa Festa/Costa Blanca: Invitation to the festival and competition in Spain

Elevato Piano Competition/Salzburg: Invitation to the festival and competition in Spain

Further special prizes are possible. List may be subject to change.


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