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www.max-rill-gym.de - Max Rill Gymnasium Reichersbeuern

Petersburg Composers Prize

Eena Cobb Starprize / London - England

Special prize "Royal Albert Hall London": for this you can choose from the following works for your presentation:


Steinway Piano Gallery - St.Petersburg

Piano Auer Ihr Klavierspezialist /Germany

Musikzentrum Trommelfell - DEINE Musikschule für moderne und klassische Musik!

DEINE Musikschule für moderne und klassische Musik!

www.costafesta.com / Spain

www.carmelklavier.com - Carmel Klavier International Competition / USA

www.elenacobbstarprize.com - Elena Cobb Star Prize / England

www.competitionfeurich.com Competition „Feurich“ / Austria

The Foundation for the development of musical arts Fabio Mastrangelo / Russia - Italy

Saint Petersburg state budgetary cultural institution „Petersburg - Concert“ / Russia

Interregional Union of Concert Performers / Russia

Symphony Orchestra conducted by S. Stadler / Russia

"Clavis" Сontact

Festival "Clavis"

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+49 1607208952 (German, Russian)

+49 15756941427 (English)