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 Natalia Panina-Rummel and Marcus Rummel



Sergej Newolin-LopatinThe organizer of the "Clavis" festival in St. Petersburg is a former high school graduate of the Shostakovich School, Sergej Newolin-Lopatin. He has two music education accreditations and is currently working as general director of Eventgroup "Engineers of the Mood". Thanks to his good education at the Russian State Academy of Stage Art and the long employment as director and organizer of various shows and cultural events, he has a professional view and approach for this project.

The director of Shostakovich School No. 235, Timofey Stachowsky, supports the concept of the festival. The Shostakovich School has great experience in the execution of such projects since in this school one of the most famous youth competitions, named Shostakovich, has taken place annually for the last 25 years.

Neil Scott  



Neil Scott: provided some translations. Neil lived for several years in Reichersbeuern before moving back to England.

He misses Reichersbeuern very much.



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