International Music Festival "Clavis St. Petersburg 2017"

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Cultural trio to St. Petersburg as part of the "Clavis" festival.

The Festival is held amongst the historic walls of St. Petersburg, 1st-3rd november 2017.

Arrival and deparature with flexible dates are possible.

The cultural program supports the administration and the cultural committee of St. Petersburg.

The following events are included in the cultural program for all participants:

1. The Shostakovich Museum (with guided tour)

2. Organ concert (Luteran Church of St. Peter - Nevsky Prospect)

3.Bus tour of St. Petersburg, approx.2 hours (guided)

4. Seminar on ancient music (with a harpsichord performance in the Catholic Church of St. Catherine - Nevsky Prospect)

5. Gala concert in the castle (guided)

6. Piano competition (for participants from 6 to 29 years, free entry for all rounds)

7. Master classes for piano, harpsichord and organ (as a free listener)

8. a partner hotel (from about 25,00 Euro per night per person - breakfast included; dinner in the hotel from about 8,00 Euro per person)

9.Transfer from and to the airport

10. English or german-speaking support during your stay in St. Petersburg

Objectives and purposes of the festival:

•    To introduce to each other, schools with a musical profile from St. Petersburg and Germany
•    International exchange of teachers and pupils
•    Motivation to play music and hold concerts together
•    Widen and awake interest in Europe-Russian culture, history and traditions
•    Consolidate friendly international youth relations

To be held within the framework of the festival:

•    A piano Competition
•    (Various age groups: from 6 year old children to adolescents of 29)
•    Concerts by the music students and participants of the competition
•    Concerts by professionals
•    (Among others clavicord, harpsichord, piano and organ: renowned artist Olga Kotlyarova, pianist from Moscow Anastasia Urvalova, Dr. of musicology Sofya Gandilyan)
•    Master classes for children and adolescents (keyboard instruments, see above)
•    Seminars and training for the teachers


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