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Conditions of the Baroque competition " Clavis Antica 2018"

The Application form must be sent from 15 December until 20 of  January 2017.

Age categories : (the age will be determined on the day of the competition)


- Repertoire :
One musical work of J.S.Bach is obligatory.

The Repertoire must consist of Baroque musical works. One musical work from another epoch is allowed, as long as the maximum duration is not exceeding 5 Minutes.

-  Rules of repertoire performance (Maximum duration time includes registration of an Organ / Harpsichord )
A-  till 15 Minutes.
B-  till 20 Minutes.
C-  till 25 Minutes.
D-  till 30 MInutes.

Every participant will have 45-60 minutes time to perform the registration of the Organ / Harpsichord. Also an assistant for the registration before the start of the competition can be provided. Listening time for each group and individual time for rehearsal and Organ/Harpsichord registration will be announced in advance to every participant via e-mail after successful registration and payment of the fee.

Baroque composers

In 2018, Elena Cobb Star Prize will be featured in the programme of the Klavier Festival Clavis in St Petersburg, Russia. Carefully selected repertoire list includes piano works by EVC Music composers.

The winners in our category will be awarded cash prizes and invitation to perform at the Elena Cobb Star Prize Festival at the Royal Albert Hall in London on April 2019.


- Prizes :
A- diploma of Laureats 
B- 1 st Prize : 150 euro , Diplom of Laureats 
C- 1 st Prize : 150 euro , Diplom of Laureats
D- 1 st Prize : 300 euro , Diplome of Laureats
Grand Prix - 400 Euro –will be awarded to one single participant of the festival (participants from both Piano competition "Clavis Bavaria 2018" and competition Baroque "Clavis Antika 2018")

Additional awards are possible at the discretion of the jury.
In case of providing an incomplete set of documents or not submitted in time , the registration will not be valid.

-Application fee

Application fee is 90,00 Euro and is non-refundable.
Application fee must be transferred by cashless payment to account  with a note " Name of Participant – Clavis Antica " as in the passport.

The expenses for accommodation, travel and visa are covered by participants. The promoters of the competition organize rehearsal and offer assistance by accommodation .
Jury of competition evaluates participants by 25 point system.

23-24 Point - 1  Prize
21-22 Point - II  Prize
17-20 Point - III Prize

Grand Prix (25 Point) will be awarded the one single participant of the festival ( participants of piano competition " Clavis Bavaria 2018 " and competition Baroque " Clavis Antika 2018 "  irrespective of Categories, Nomination and Instruments .

The jury can notice teachers work with a special diploma . 
The jury will not be disclosed until the start of the competition.
Every participant will have a certificate of participation.

Teachers and famous soloist are invited in the jury.
The jury’s decision is final and not a subject to appeal.
The results of the competition will be posted after the listening of each age category.

The award ceremony of all diplomats and laureates takes place exclusively at the gala-concert of the festival. The participants are obliged to take part in the gala-concert.

The program of the gala-concert is made by the jury of competition and will inform the participants after a competition listening.

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