Requirements for the videos

Category: Requirements for the videos Written by Piano Festival Clavis

1. The video may not be edited in any way. However, it is allowed to record every piece separately. You do not have to play your entire program in one video.
Piano Festival "Clavis"

2. The time limit may not be exceeded
(Q: 5 min, A: 5 min, B: 10 min, C: 10 min, D: 15 min).

3. The participant(s) must be visible from head to toe.

4. The video must be recorded specifically for Clavis,
videos for/ from other competitions or concerts may not be used!
To ensure this, all participants must print out the Clavis sign (attached below) and place it on the piano as shown in the picture for all video recordings.

5. The videos are sent to the Clavis email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. over

6. The video descriptions, which must be in English, include:

a) „Clavis“

b) The category

c) The full name of the participant(s)

d) His/Her age group

e) The program played in the specific video


Clavis sign for print:

Poster «Clavis» .docx

Poster «Clavis» .jpg