Antonino Ciaccio

geboren 29/06/1989.
Studies:  2003 to 2008 : Higher Diploma I.T.G. A.Lincoin. 2011 to 2012: Annual Masters at Academy Varesina  A.Cortot of Travedona Monate (Varese, Italy) with M° Roberto Plano. 2012 to 2015: Course at the Academy PianoFriends of Milan (2012-2015).
2003 to 2015: Diploma (10 years)  at Conservatory “V.Bellini” in Palermo (Italy) with result 10/10 with Dorotea Cei.

Antonino Ciaccio

2015 to 2016: Master’s degree in Advanced Music Performance at ESMUC of Barcelona (Spain) with Vladislav Bronevetzky.

Work: 2009 to 2014: Accompanist at the Conservatory V.Bellini (Palermo, Italy);  
2009 to 07/2016: Private Piano Tutor (Palermo and Barcelona);
10/2016 to  07/2017: Piano Teacher at Skené Music Academy in Sciacca (Italy) ;
10/2017 to 06/2018: Piano Ballet and piano teacherto public hight school  in Livorno (Italy);
11/2018 to 06/2019: External piano teacher and complementary piano  teacher at Conservatory in Ferrara, Italy

Concerts, Masterclass, Piano competition, Publications:

1. Course "Beethoven Sonatas" - Music Sergio Colzani School, Center Territorial Music, Auditorium of the Old Filandra Cambiago (MI) 19-21 / 06/2012

2. Recital Beethoven "The three periods of Beethoven" (Program op. 13 / 27n ° 1 / 81a / 57) - 21/06/2012

3. Participant Concert at 8 hands for the "Musical Walk among the Loggia Treasures" organized the Palermo Conservatory (Scarlatti Hall) - 07/11/2013

4. Solo recital for the Rotaract Club Belice Menfi Carboj - Municipal Library of Menfi (Italy) 03/01/2014

5. Caccamo National Competition "B'Albanese" (diploma 2nd prize, chamber music) – 26/04/2014

6. Concert for Piano and Flute - Palazzo Guzzetta (Palermo) 28/05/2014

7. Concert for Piano Academy Siciliana - Benedictine Monastery (Catania) 26/05/2014

8. Certificate of Participation (solo role) in the competition "Talent Factory First Competition for young Sicilian talent" at the Teatro Politeama - Palermo 01/06/2014

9. Imola Summer Piano, Academy & Festival - Academy of Imola18-25 / 07/2014

10. International Competition Provincial area of Palermo (3rd prize) - Palazzo Comitini / Sala Martorana 29/07/2014

11. Solo recital at the Municipal Theatre of Ventimiglia di Sicilia (Italy) - 20/08/2014

12. Master class at the Music Academy Jacopo Napoli with Maestro Sergio De Simone - Cava de'Tirreni (Italy)20-31 / 08/2014

13. Concerto for XXVII Chamber Music Festival (piano trio violin and cello) - Cava De'Tirreni - 01/09/2014

14. Solo recital at the Conservatory of Palermo - Sala Scarlatti 10/10/2014 15. Piano recital at the Belvedere Terrace of Sambuca di Sicilia - 08/10/2016 16. Solo recital for the "First International & Navarro" Award, Lions Club - Santa Margherita di Belice, 23/07/2006

17. Solo recital - Auditorium of Bagheria 05/03/2015

18. Solo recital for “Music Friends in Rome” - S.Andrew's Church (Church of Scotland) 23/05/2015

19. International Competition "G.Campochiaro" XV Edition (Certificate of Merit) - Pedara,Italy 09/12/2012

20. Solo recital at the Cathedral Church of Sambuca di Sicilia organized by the municipality of Sambuca di Sicilia - 08/17/2015

21. Solo recital at the Theater of Bisacquino organized by the municipality of Bisacquino- 26/12/2015

22. Staff Piano in dance classes (classical and Spanish) for the “World Day of Dance” - Verona, Theater Camploy 05/08/2016

23. Solo recital at Arkadia Bookshop Helsinki (Finland) - 05/14/2016

24. Solo recital at Kjriasto Biblioteke Helsinki (Finland) - 05/12/2016

25. Solo recital at Kjriasto Biblioteke Helsinki (Finland) Different Program - 13/05/2016

26. Recital "Jose Espeita", first recording of "sonata Israeliana" - Aragonese Institute, Barcelona (Spain) 16/06 / 2016

27. Solo recital at ESMUC (Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya) in Barcelona (presentation and public performance of the Thesis "Brahms the ignored", the object of study of the Master in Advanced Music Performance with relative incision not published), the concert hall of ' ESMUC of Barcelona, 08/07/2016

28. Solo recital at ESMUC Barcelona – 27/05/2016

29. Recital for Piano and Violin at ESMUC - 15/04/2016

30. Solo recital - Szeged Concert Hall - Szeged (Hungary) 08/03/2016

31. Recital for piano and soprano - Szeged (Hungary) 09/03/2016

32. Solo recital for the "Fenyvesparkban" festival - Nograb (Hungary) 11/03/2016

33. Solo recital at  Ars Omnis Cultural Association of Budapest (Hungary) - 12.03.2016

34. Creation of the show "The glass half empty" (Analysis of Chopin's works being compared to texts by Giacomo Leopardi) - Theatre Idea 27/09/2011

35. Solo recital (concert of the contest prize organized the previous year) for the Association Collegium ARS Music of Palermo - San Saverio Palermo 28/05/2012

36. National Competition “Città di Palermo”  Association Collegium ARS Music of Palermo (2nd prize) 27/05/2011

37. Piano Recital 4 hands "Spring Notes" - Palazzo Cuto (Bagheria) 12/05/2012

38. Solo recital - Scarlatti hall of the Conservatory in Palermo, 16/04/2014

39. Second prize in the competition "CRESCENDO" organized from orchesta symphonic siciliana- Theater Politeama of Palermo on 31/05/2015. 40. Recital just "STUDIES" (from Clementi to Scriabin) at the Music Academy "A. CORTOT" 08/03/2012

41. Solo recital at the "ESCUELA FEDERICO VILLENA" of Maracay- 04/04/2016

42. Solo recital at the Conservatory of Music Estado  Aragua - Maracay 06/04/2016

43. Masterclass high improvement piano with Maestro Roberto Plano held at the Cultural Academy of the arts in the circle Sciacca - 07-09 / 08/2012

44. Concert of the masterclass of Maestro Plano - 09/08/2012 Aula Magna G.Bruno - High School T.Fazello

45. Piano Masterclass with M ° Anna Kravtencho 03-06 / 03/2014, Conservatorio Bellini in Palermo

46. Concert of the master class of M ° Anna Kravtencho - 07/03 / 2014Scarlatti hall of the Conservatory V. Bellini in Palermo 47. Masterclass at The Academy Piano Siciliana with Professor Violetta Egorova - Catania, from 24/04 to 05/06/2013

48. Masterclass at The Academy Piano Siciliana with Professor Violetta Egorova - Catania, from 14/05 to 05/26/2014

49. Piano Masterclass with Maestro Giuseppe Andaloro - 10-14 / 04/2014, Conservatory V. Bellini in Palermo

50. Masterclass with Professor Luminita Rotaru Contantinovici - 07/11/11/2011, Conservatory V. Bellini in Palermo

51. Masterclass  with Maestro V. Barzani at the Ass. Friends of Music "Benedetto Albanian" Caccamo - 02-07 / 05/2011

Publications published related to the subject requested, CD, DVD, etc.
1. Publication of the Thesis of the Master in Advanced Music Performance achieved at ESMUC Barcelona by the publisher, "Edition Musical Moments" entitled  "Brahms the ignored": interpretative analysis of the first period of Brahms.
Abstract: Johannes Brahms, is without any doubt one of the greatest geniuses of Western art music, but despite That, especially in the Latin countries, remains difficult and far from the tastes of so many listeners and performers. This distance raises my curiosity to fully understand this author, His psychology, His writing and every single detail in order to make the most correct way possible what is written by one, who in the late-romanticism stood between "3 (important) German B "Although with a purely classical language, Specifically" ancient ", almost obsolete by then.

ISBN 978-88-97629-65-8, published in August 2016.
2. Publication of the CD “Brahms Sonata n.3 op.5”: live concert in Orchestra Hall, ESMUC in Barcelona, 08/07/2016.

Programm des Wettbewerbs & des Festival „Clavis"