Seminar 2: "The art of piano through history, yesterday and today"

Written by Piano Festival Clavis

Seminar with Ekaterina Polyakova

1. What is a "piano"

2. Piano, organ, harpsichord ....

3. Clavicord - forgotten "yesterday" or contemporary "today"?

4. Technique and technology

5. "You will never be a pianist" - Arthur Schnabel

6. The baroque epoch

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Seminar 1: "Breaking Repertoire Stereotypes as a Survival Technique for Modern Pianists"

Written by Piano Festival Clavis

Seminar 1 with Yulia Kazantseva

•  Who are the most played composers and which pieces? Some statistics.
•  What do audiences want to hear

•  How not to get lost among pianists

•  Where to find fresh music?

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