Program of the International Music Festival 2017 "Clavis"

Category: The cultural program of the festival in Bavaria Written by Piano Festival Clavis

Day 1

Cultural program, seminar for the teachers
In the evening:
Opening concert (clavicord, harpsichord, organ, singing children and professionals/jury members,
in the church)

Day 2

Piano Competition
Age groups Q to С
Master classes for the children
Piano concert (harpsichord, organ et al.)

Day 3

Piano Competition
Age group D
Master classes for the adolescents
Cultural program
In the evening: Gala concert (awarding of prizes)
Dinner and farewell

International Music Festival 2017 "Clavis"

International Music Festival 2017 "Clavis"Objectives and purposes of the festival:

•    To introduce to each other, schools with a musical profile from St. Petersburg and Germany
•    International exchange of teachers and pupils
•    Motivation to play music and hold concerts together
•    Widen and awake interest in German-Russian culture, history and traditions
•    Consolidate friendly international youth relations

To be held within the framework of the festival:

•    A piano Competition
•    (Various age groups: from 6 year old children to adolescents of 29)
•    Concerts by the music students and participants of the competition
•    Concerts by professionals
•    (Among others clavicord, harpsichord, piano and organ: renowned artist Olga Kotlyarova, pianist from Moscow Anastasia Urvalova, Dr. of musicology Sofya Gandilyan)
•    Master classes for children and adolescents (keyboard instruments, see above)
•    Seminars and training for the teachers