Category: Piano Contest "Clavis 2017" / Music Festival Written by Piano Festival Clavis

For the participants of the piano contest  "Clavis St. Petersburg 2017"
Age groups "Q", "A", "B" (from 6 to 14 years): 60 Euro
Age groups "C", "D" (from 15 to 29 years): 90 Euro

For participants of the festival (non-competitor): 50 Euro
(Access to all seminars, master classes and concerts as listeners, the cultural program of the festival)

For the participants in a master class: 50 Euro - 30- 45 Min

The documents and paid fees are not refundable. Organizers are not responsible for the veracity of the documents and are not obliged to check them. Each participant is to be registered with an identity card or birth certificate or to  prove identification on the day of their performance. All participants are responsible for accommodation, food, travel expenses, visa and the like. The organizers will make every effort to provide the necessary instruments and warm up time. The participants, after confirming the registration, will receive by mail their warm-up and age group performance times as well as of master classes and seminars. You will usually receive confirmation of the registration within 5-7 days of email application. For questions about registration, please contact Ms. Panina-Rummel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.